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Lyndee O'Grady 

Founder & CEO

Lyndee is the brains of the operation, having previously completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship. Lyndee has been surrounded by small business through family and her own creations. She knows the intricate nature of how small business works and operates and how powerful it can be. That compounding knowledge base has Lyndee perfectly poised to take on this venture.

Since becoming a mother and fully grasping how difficult it is to work and care for your children, Lyndee wanted the flexibility that would enable her to do both and do good in the world. With the lack of options in the workplace that could cater for that, Lyndee decided to take control of her own future.

Lyndee is passionate about future work prospects for our young people. Too many adults are working in mundane professions, wishing they were a painter, toy maker, knitter etc. We want to change that for the next generation by creating a pathway and platform for their creations to be sold and for the rest of us to enjoy. 

After teaming up with Amber, they’ve created a platform that delivers on all fronts. Lyndee also has the tedious job of reeling Amber in, when her big ideas need to be carefully considered, curated and strategized. It’s not easy being the sensible, dependable and financially savvy one, but Lyndee does just that.

Amber Keefe

Founder & CEO

Amber is the dreamer of the operation and she’s very lucky to have been born into a family full of creatives. Amber is inspired by makers that deliver handmade, love filled creations that brim with the pride the maker has instilled in them. The way an artist puts their heart and soul into their creation. Amber wants everyone to be able to buy things that radiate with all that goodness.

Unfortunately, our current retail market offers mainly cheap disposible items destined for landfill. This cycle is something that Amber wants to change, through advocating for quality items, made with care, by our best Australian makers. Having become a mother these issues have only been amplified with wanting to be apart of the solution, not the problem. Being disillusioned with the current state of retail, caring that the maker gets paid for their work and that our creatives have a place to sell their goods, she decided to do something about it.

We have found creatives and artisans that are doing exactly what we are striving for. We have created this platform for you to support, ethically, beautifully crafted, Australian made goods, at the touch of a button. We can turn the tide and we hope that you can help us point this ship in the right direction.