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About Us


The Short Version:

We are supporters of ethical, AUSTRALIAN MADE wares, for kids.


The Long Version:


Because We Care

We care for our makers 

We care for our customers

We care for the planet


We're here to show you that you can be a profitable business AND look after people. These things don't need to be mutually exclusive. We want to turn the tide of where our collective money goes. From companies that aren't doing the right thing to the makers that do. We care that the people making our goods are paid properly for their skills, we care for the environment and we care about future job prospects in this country. That every dollar spent is a consumerist action that aids the environment, economy and Australian creative talents that need to be celebrated. Being a transparent business, means we can stand by each one of our practises with our head held high. Good business means doing the right thing by everyone.  



We are here to:

Online it is often unclear where an item is actually made. Words like “designed in Australia” and “Australian Owned” are used frequently in online marketing alongside pictures of the Australian outback, This eludes to the idea that an item comes from Australia when it has in fact been imported from overseas. At Small Folk Australia there is utmost transparency that when you purchase an item from our suppliers, that your item has been made right here in Australia.

We know that our country is filled with talented makers. These makers put their heart, soul and skills into creating beautiful quality items for the children in your life. It is our genuine pleasure to connect with them, celebrate their talents and show them off to the world!

Our aim is to strengthen the growing voice of Australians, that agree we want better for our kids. We don’t want a future where the only choices are cheap poorly constructed items that are one step away from landfill. We want to buy from high quality Australian makers and in turn support the Australian economy.

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Our Founders

Meet Lyndee and Amber - our heartfelt creators that aim to redefine what 'good' business looks like. One that values our makers, customers and planet.

Did you know that according to Roy Morgan Research, “if every household spent an additional $10 a week on Australian Made products, it would inject an extra $5 billion into the economy each year and create up to 11,000 new jobs!”